What's your lucky number?

About this raffle

It's very easy and it costs only £10 per ticket! Buying a single ticket will give you a 1 in 750 chance of winning this fabulous painting by Tony O'Connor, worth around £3,500. For your chance to win simply select a number, make the payment and the ticket is yours. You will receive an email confirmation with a PDF that you can download and print for your reference. At the end of the raffle the winning number will be selected at random. The winner will be contacted and the winning number published on Facebook, in our newsletter and on this website.

The winner will be drawn on our Open Day, which is 16th September.

How do I pay?

We use PayPal, the premier online payment system which, supports both debit and credit cards. If you have donated before you will recognise the checkout pages as we use PayPal on our main website for our shop and donations.

What if not all tickets are sold? Win this painting!

Of course we hope this is a hypothetical question. We'd really like it if the tickets are sold out in no time! Who wouldn't want to own a painting as gorgeous as this? We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to select and buy multiple tickets if you are feeling adventurous. The quicker the tickets sell out the sooner we can hold the draw. If we have a large number of tickets left a week before the draw, we may either extend the draw date or reduce the price of the remaining tickets to existing ticket holders. If you then take that opportunity to purchase extra tickets you will greatly increase your chance of winning the painting.

About the artist

Tony O'Connor

Tony O'Connor is a well-known Irish painter who's famous for the intricate detail in his art. He has won two awards through the prestigious Ex Arte Equinus International Art Competition. Tony was also awarded Best Creative Equestrian 2013 in the Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs) & Best Creative Equestrian 2014 - this time winning both the Judges Choice & People's Choice. Follow the link to his website, and prepare to be amazed. www.whitetreestudio.ie

Here at Lluest..

.. we're always strapped for cash, and this year particularly has proven to be extra challenging. Following on from a difficult winter, the dry summer has trebled our consumption of water and the lack of grass means we already needed to dip into our winter supply of hay and haylage. We're not the only ones, and consequently the price of a big, round bale has already increased to £45 (normally it is around £20 this time of year - and we get through one a day in the winter months) Added to that, the prices will undoubtedly keep rising. It is causing us a lot of headaches.

Fortunately, we have many supporters who help us financially and volunteers who give us their valuable time. We have people who sponsor our ponies and well-wishers who give us supplies and other 'goodies' to help us out.

As you can see the painting is amazing and it could be yours for just £10! Simply select your lucky number, make your payment and your ticket is secured.

The smallprint

The Lluest Horse and Pony Trust Raffle is promoted and administered by Lluest Horse and Pony Trust. £10 per entry. You must be 18 or over to enter. Entries not to be sold to or by anyone under 18 years of age. Lluest Horse and Pony Trust hold a Certificate of Registration from Carmarthenshire County Council for the purposes of Gambling Act 2005. Registration Number LOTT 1386. Winning ticket to be drawn on 16th September 2018. Collection in person from Beili Bedw Farm or packaging and shipping to be paid by winner.

Some of our lucky numbers


The number of ponies we have in our care at the moment here at Lluest.
We would love to have be able to have space for more, but resources and money are limited.


Seven people are working at Lluest (grooms and office staff), and it's a 24/7 job (fortunately, we do take turns!). We're not only looking after the up to 30 ponies on our site, but we also check potential loan homes and regular visits to our ponies in loan homes to make sure everyone is happy. Every so often it's all hands on deck when we need to go out for a rescue. Already this year to date we have rescued 13 ponies (another lucky number!)


At this moment, there are 130 ponies in loan homes around the UK. They are being cared for by the wonderful people who decided to adopt one of our rescues for a riding pony or a companion. We are very happy to see our ponies go off to a new loving home.


We're very grateful to the 27 people who have already signed up this year to sponsor one of our ponies or for stable sponsorship. Sponsoring a pony costs just £20/year and goes a long way towards keeping our ponies in hay and on dry and comfortable beds. Sponsoring a stable by direct debit costs only £20/month. When you sponsor a stable, your name will be displayed on a board on the stable door and of course, you are able to visit its occupant. Just give us a ring on 01550 740 661.


The Lluest Horse and Pony Trust was founded in 1985, meaning we're 33 years old!
Read more about it here.

And some of our not so lucky numbers

(but don't let that stop you picking them!)

£45 is the current price for a big bale of haylage (normally it is around £20 this time of year). This is a result of a difficult winter followed by a very dry spell this summer resulting in a lack of grass. Given we get through one large round bale a day in the winter months this is a massive worry for us!


The average cost of a vet-visit is around £65, so we're very grateful to everyone who give us regular donations!


108 hoofs need to be trimmed every six weeks - a very costly exercise!


Ginny Hajdukiewicz, LLuest's founder, sadly passed away at the young age of 38 leaving the Trust as her legacy. She was an amazing lady and you can read about her story here.

Please help!

You can help us in different ways: you can sponsor a pony, become a stable sponsor, make a donation (or set up regular donations for as little as £3/month!).

Oh, and don't forget to pick your lucky number now!